Arcade Legends

Arcade Legends, by Chicago Gaming Company, is a multi-game arcade machine designed to bring the best classics home, featuring 120 of your favorite games. 

Condition: Professionally Refurbished




Arcade Legends by Chicago Gaming Company

Arcade Legends, by Chicago Gaming Company, features 120 of your favorite classic titles from the 80s and 90s. This expandable Multi-Game Video Game arcade machine is made for both home and game room use in mind. It does not operate for commercial environments. Being upgradeable with the addition of exciting add-on software packs, this arcade game will never be obsolete!

Here’s a list of just some of the games included in Arcade Legends:

1942 • Arkanoid • Asteroids • Berzerk • Battlezone Burgertime • Centipede • Defender • Frenzy • Golden Tee Golf • Gravitar • Joust • Karate Champ • Liberator Lunar Lander• Millipede • Missile Command • Moon • Patrol • Puzzle Bobble • QIX • Red Baron • Mega Man • Robotron • Space Dual • Space Invaders • Street Fighter II • Super Breakout • Tapper • Tempest +many more!