E-Bristle 1000 Dartboard

The EBR1000 Bullshooter E-Bristle 1000 Dartboard Cabinet would make an amazing addition to any home game room!





The Bullshooter by Arachnid E-Bristle 1000 LED Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set is packed with features. The E-Bristle targets allows for both steel-tip and soft-tip for maximum versatility. The dartboard is mounted in a contemporary style cabinet with top-mounted LED scoring displays. Features 38 games with 183 level variations, including solo play and heckler options. Comes with 2 steel-tip and 2 stoft-tip dart sets.

  • E-Bristle target plays steel & soft tip darts
  • Top mounted 9 LED scoring displays
  • 38 games and 211 variations
  • Active score window
  • 13.5″ Target area
  • Unique contemporary style cabinet with built in dart holders
  • Features: solo play, Heckler option
  • Accessories: (6) Steel tip darts, (6) soft tip darts, extra tips, AC adapter


  • Dimensions W:19″ D:3″ H:23″
  • Features 38 Games/ 211 Variations, E-Bristle Plays Steel & Soft Tip, Built In Dart Holder, 9 LED Displays
  • Brand Arachnid
  • Target Area Size 13.5″