Flip Flop Pinball Machine


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Flip Flop is a 4 player western themed pinball machine released by Bally in 1976. The game was designed by Jim Patla with artwork by Dick White. Only 5350 units were ever produced.

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Flip Flop Pinball Machine by Bally

Bally’s Flip Flop pinball machine was released in 1976. Only 5350 units were ever produced making this a rare model. This is a 4 player western themed pinball with all the classic features you can expect from a 1970s electro-mechanical game. Flip Flop pinball has a completely symmetrical layout, featuring four flippers, two pop bumpers and two kickout holes. The game is also one of the few to feature the “flip flag” bank, an action of which lends itself to the theme of the game. Rounding out the bucking bronco theme, the art package is heavily focused on horseshoes, wagon trains and other western iconography.


• Four Flippers
• Four Flip Flags that raise the bonus
• Two Pop Bumpers
• Two kick-out holes for extra balls
• Two rollovers for Specials
• Double bonus on third and last ball
• Bonus scores of up to 38,000 when doubled
• Ball Rescue rebound chance of saving the ball on either side drain
• 100,000 scoring for over the top fun
• Replays for Specials, High Scores and end of game Match