Neon Lites Pool Table by Great American

The Great American Neon Lites pool table is a commercial grade table specifically designed to glow under black lights.



The Great American Neon Lites Pool Table

The Neon Lites pool table by Great American is crafted right here in the US and is specially designed to glow under black lights!

Neon Lites uses specially painted corner and railing castings that exude an attractive glow when placed under black lights. The rails are covered with electric blue felt cloth while the play surface is covered in a black cloth which provides additional contrast in black lighting situations.

Each Neon Lites pool table is built using 3/4″ plywood on the cabinet sides & the bottom; superior quality poplar wood on the top frame & rails; 21oz. unbacked felt cloth attached to the rails and slate; Dual steel center slate supports which hold the imported single piece slate. These features provide a reliable, flat level playing surface to ensure that you have a table that plays great and lasts a long time. Each table also includes unitized composite trouble free and fast ball return assembly with double rollers, an anti-cheat dump bar system to prevent free plays and they operate with magnetic 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ cue balls with 15th cue ball lock-up. This is accented by Great American’s reliable cue ball separator.


  • Attracts new players with bold black light colors.
  • Greater color features than any other manufacturer:
    corner castings, pocket liners, rails and extruded corners.
  • Cabinet grade plywood construction with black laminate, electric blue cloth on rails & black bed cloth.
  • Unitized, composite, trouble free and fast ball return assembly.
  • Modular coin box housing designed for simple service and replacement.
  • Hinged and locked hatch under table for leg storage and cleanout. /li>
  • Dual steel slate supports provide reliable flat level playing surface.
  • Premium Lexan ball viewer with retaining screws and frame.
  • Each table operates with magnetic 2 1/4″ or 2 3/8″ cue ball with 15″ cue ball lock-up.
  • Double rollers on ball release provide smoother action, less wear and down time.
  • Dome shake-proof washers on railbolts, corners and slate supports for a tight and fast play.
  • Each table is crafted with the finest imported one piece slate.
  • Factory play @ 50 cents, location adjustable to $1.25.
  • Vertical 8 mechanism also available.