STP700 Nodor Steel Tipped Dart Set

Play like the pros with the STP700 steel dart set from Nodor.


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    STP700 steel dart set from Nodor®. This set of three steel tipped darts have 80% tungsten barrels and come with 3 spare shafts + 3 spare flights. This set includes a SlimTrac™ case. Tungsten darts are slimmer than brass or nickel/silver darts due to the high density of tungsten. Therefore, tungsten darts can be “grouped” closer together than thicker darts in order to achieve higher scores.

    Barrels: 80% tungsten (3)
    Shafts: Striped aluminum (3) + 3 spares
    Flights: 2-D and embossed (6)


    • Barrels 80% Tungsten Steel
    • Shafts Striped Aluminum
    • Flights Embossed and 2-D flights
    • Case SlimTrac™ case with sliding, reversible cover
    • Warranty One-year warranty against defects