Unicorn Steel Tipped 100 Dart Set



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Learn to play darts with the brand professionals trust to deliver the highest quality in darts – Unicorn. This entry-level dart set designed for recreational players includes (3) steel tips best used on a bristle dartboard, (3) 16g brass plated steel barrels allowing for a better grip when throwing, (3) black gripper shafts ideal for beginner players, and (3) red, black, and white polyester flights for true flight. Improve your skill and refine your throw with the Unicorn Steel 100 Dart Set from the world-wide leader in darting.

  • Barrels: 16g. Brass plated steel barrels (3)
  • Shafts: Gripper shafts (3)
  • Flights: Polyester flights (3)


  • Dart Type Steel Tip
  • Barrel Brass Plated Steel
  • Amount 3
  • Brand Unicorn
  • Weight 16 g
  • Shafts Gripper
  • Flights Polyester