Zoltar Fortune-Telling Machine

Everyone loves the all-knowing animatronic fortune-telling machine that has made iconic appearances in hundreds of locations around the world. The Zoltar fortune-telling machine inspires a sense nostalgia for many who remember its appearance in movies and arcades. Olaf Stanton and his team at Characters Unlimited build every Zoltar by hand in his shop in Boulder City, Nevada. Bring home your very own Zoltar today!

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Zoltar Fortune-Telling Machine

Zoltar is the classic animatronic fortune-telling machine found in arcades around the world. It stands at 6 ½’ tall, and augurs a spoken and printed fortune for anyone who dares to insert a coin into the slot. Richly detailed with a handlebar mustache and beard, a gold head wrap, gold shirt, paisley vest, and jewelry, Zoltar’s state of the art sensor can acknowledge your presence and will invite you to approach him. Once you insert a quarter (coins may be removed), Zoltar nods his head up and down as his crystal ball illuminates and he sweeps his hand back and forth. Zoltar provides 16 different spoken fortunes and dispenses one of 23 different printed fortunes in the form of a paper card; 2,000 fortune cards are included. The fortune is dispensed from the front of the cabinet.

The Zoltar fortune-telling machine takes a place in our pop culture from its crucial role in the ’80s hit movie BIG. When Tom Hanks becomes a twelve-year old boy trapped in his man-sized body.

Now, you can have a Zoltar machine of your own! Great for your home, business, or entertainment center. Relive the optimism of youth that only a wish can bring.


  • Talking
  • Eye movement
  • Jaw movement
  • Arm movement left-to-right over crystal ball
  • Head movement
  • LED lighted ball
  • Push-button activation
  • 2000 fortune cards with 37 different fortunes
  • Three panes of tempered glass
  • Zoltar special painted trim
  • Machine with or without wheels
  • Dollar bill or coin acceptor