Big Hurt Pinball Machine


Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt is a baseball themed pinball machine designed by Bill Parker and released by Gottlieb in 1995. The game is named after the famed Chicago White Sox first baseman, Frank Thomas.

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Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Pinball

Gottlieb’s Big Hurt pinball is a 4-multi-ball game featuring a very elaborate playfield. One of the unique objects of the game is to get past the “swinging glove” at the rear of the playfield. This game has lots of sound, voices and crowd cheering. Game has a DMD display up in the head. Low production game at only 1,985 units made.

The playfield of the game is laid out like a stadium with roaring crowds, a play-by-play announcer and features a moving baseball glove. The game has three flippers, two pop bumpers, two slingshots, drop targets, a captive ball, and a four-ball multi-ball.

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