Hurricane Pinball Machine


Hurricane is a fun packed carnival themed pinball. This pinball machine was manufactured by Williams in 1991.

Condition: Professionally Refurbished



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Hurricane Pinball Machine by Williams

Hurtle around on the roller coaster to build up to 1 million points and spot a letter in PALACE to put you on your way to lighting the Jolly Juggler for a jackpot.

Hurricane features a dazzling dot matrix, pie-in-the-face antics and plenty of scoring opportunities, and there is even a revolving backglass wheel.


Game features:

  • Comet – score unlimited millions
  • Dunking the Dummy – make a big splash and advance the Bonus Multiplier
  • Double Ferris Wheel – for bonuses and Quick Score
  • Cat targets – lights the Juggler for a Mystery Score on the Backglass Wheel
  • 2 or 3 ball Multi-Ball