Black Rose Pinball Machine

Bally / Midway’s Black Rose pinball machine designed by John Trudeau and Brian Eddy and released on July of 1992

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Black Rose Pinball Machine by Bally

Black Rose is a pinball machine designed by John Trudeau and Brian Eddy and produced by Midway (released under the Bally name). The game features a pirate theme and was advertised with the slogan This game is loaded!”

The goal of the game is to sink ships. The game features a rotating cannon situated underneath the playfield used to aim the ball at targets to award letters in the word “SINK SHIP”. During multiball you also get letters for shooting flashing ramps. Once SINK SHIP is spelled, you load the cannon to light the center shot (the “Broadside”) to get big points.


3 Flippers, 3 Pop bumpers, 3 Ramps, 3 3-bank standup targets, 2- or 3-ball Multiball. Left ramp is a mechanically raised or lowered ramp which is raised at certain times to load the ball cannon. Lower playfield has a below-the-playfield ball cannon (catapult-type) which oscillates when loaded, to be fired by player pressing the Fire button on lockdown bar. The Broadside VUK kicks the ball to the center habitrail above the playfield the and sends it to the flippers.



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