Deadly Weapon Pinball Machine


Deadly Weapon is a very rare pinball machine designed by Gottlieb under the Premier label. The machine was part of Gottlieb’s series of “Street Level” games. Only 803 units were ever produced!

Condition: Professionally Refurbished



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Deadly Weapon Pinball Machine by Gottlieb (Premier)

Gottlieb’s Deadly Weapon pinball machine was one of a series of street level games released under the Premier label. This solid state machine was released in 1990. Gottlieb’s “Street Level” series of games was an experiment towards designing a simpler, single level, slightly smaller game. Only 803 units were ever produced making this an extremely rare model! Deadly weapon was designed by John Trudeau and Jon Norris, with artwork by David Moore, Constantino Mitchell and Jeanine Mitchell. Take home a little piece of history today!