Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine


Dipsy Doodle is an electro-mechanical pinball machine from December 1970, manufactured by Williams Electronic Games, Inc. The game was designed by Norm Clark, with artwork by Christian Marche.

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    Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine by Williams

    Williams Dipsy Doodle pinball machine was released in the 1970. Only a few hundred were made, making Dipsy Doodle highly valued as a collector’s item. The game was designed by Norm Clarke with artwork by Christian Marche.
    The Dipsy Doodle’s simple yet enjoyable playfield represents something of a return to basics, allowing players to enjoy the stylish and retro aesthetic of a truly classic pinball machine.

    Dipsy Doodle features, 2 Flippers, 5 Pop bumpers, 2 Slingshots, 5 Standup targets, 1 Kick-out hole, A Right outlane free ball gate, Up-post between flippers. Doodle Bug animation unit below the playfield uses an electromagnet to move a captive ball repeatedly across a point-scoring rollover button. 3 or 5 ball play.

    With cartoonish young characters adorning the machine leaping and dancing in charmingly wacky poses. With its cheerful design and sunny theme, this classic pinball machine is fun for the whole family!


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