Game Show Pinball Machine


“Ladies and gentleman, please welcome your host – Keith McTeeth!” Bally’s Game Show Pinball machine was released in 1990. The game was designed by Dan Langlois, Peter Perry, with artwork by Tim Elliot.

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Game Show Pinball Machine by Bally

Bally’s TV comedy Game Show Pinball is great fun for the whole family.  The 1980s-style American game show host, Keith McTeeth loudly invites you to try your luck on the table and win big, but you’ll need to keep your wits about you!

Game Show pinball has complex playfield designed around a massive center ramp. Move around the playfield, boost your score and collect prizes. Shoot the ramps for extra points, light up the scoring wheel and keep hitting those targets. We can’t promise you’ll win a car, but you’ll rack up thousands of points by catching ramps, using the orbits and hitting the spinner. Finally, go for the jackpot by unlocking the 2-ball Multiball mode, then illuminate the ‘APPLAUSE’ sign at the top of the backboard and enjoy the glory!


Game Show Pinball has a single level playfield. Plastic ramps for the wheel, skill shot and collect ramps cover a lot of the area. There are a variety of shots off the flippers, ranging from the close-quarters Wheel Ramp and the TV, TRUCK and TRIP targets, to the distant Loops and CAR/Big Bucks shots.
The rear, vertical panel at the far end of the playfield is rimmed with clear bulbs, which continuously ‘chase’, giving the game a glitzy, game show appearance.
Another noticeable thing is the large “APPLAUSE” studio light on top of the backglass. Lights during most major point scores, as well as randomly whether the game is being played or not.
The backglass depicts the Host, Keith McTeeth, an Assistant, and 4 contestants.

Additional Features:

Standard two lower, in standard size.

Two above the lower flippers.

Standard spring loaded manual plunger. Delivers ball to raised plastic field for Skill Shot.

Left/Right Inlane and Outlanes
Standard setup on both sides, no Kickback or other save mechanism on either side. Right inlane Lights ‘SPIN’ on wheel. Left Inlane lights ‘NUDGE’. Well rubberized in/out posts :).

The wheel is made up of a circle of lamps in the lower center of the playfield, such as the lightning wheel on BK2K.

Wheel Ramp
Wide-mouthed ramp entrance is located about in the center of playfield, like the placement of the ramp in Police Force. After the initial (steep) rise, the ramp takes a sharp right and makes a 270 degree turn, with the return path passing be low the ramp entrance and leading to the left inlane. Entrance to the loop actually passes over an open section of the return path- the ball must ‘clear’ this crevice to make it through to the loop; if not, it will fall into the lower path and return directly to the left inlane.

Two, located just below the CASH rollovers, quite obscured by the Wheel Ramp.

C-A-S-H rollovers
4 in-line rollovers at the top of the playfield. Each has a light which can be steered (either way???) with the flippers. The lane lights are repeated on the back-board of the playfield as they are obscured by the skill shot plastic.

Collect Ramp
Ramp entrance is located 2/3 way up the playfield on the extreme right side- it actually connects into the plunger lane ramp just after it’s initial rise, thus continuing to the Skill Shot playfield..

Collect Saucer
Located about 2/3 way up the playfield on the extreme left side, just opposite the Collect Ramp entrance. Only accessible through the Collect Ramp when Collect or Jackpot is lit. Acts as the lock for 2 ball multi-ball.

Skill-Shot playfield
a raised plastic field accessed by the plunger lane. Located wholly above the CASH lanes and has 4 holes which drop the ball directly into one of the 4 lanes (BATMAN sound familiar?).

T-V Targets
Two single targets located upward and to the left of the Wheel Ramp entrance.

T-R-U-C-K Targets
Five single targets lining the Left wall, just below the Collect Saucer.

T-R-I-P Targets
Four single targets lining the Right wall, just below the Collect Ramp entrance.

CAR Drop Target
Located to left of CASH lanes, accessible by a shot just to left of the T-V targets.

Rear Loop
Large radius two way loop around the extreme far end of the playfield. Left entrance is to the left of the CAR drop target. Right entrance is hit by shot passing between the pop-bumpers and the Collect Ramp entrance. Each entrance has a spinner (or was it just a gate?), a SPOT arrow, and some other lighted features, as explained below. A weak shot into the loop that doesn’t make it out the other end will place the ball above the CASH lanes.

Big Bucks
A sink hole located behind the CAR target. Only accessible after the CAR target has been dropped. Ball is returned (via an under playfield route) to the Right Inlane.


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