Garlando G-2000 Grey Oak Foosball Table

The Garlando G-2000 Grey Oak Foosball Table will enhance your game room. The sturdy cabinet is constructed from 1-inch medium density fibreboard (MDF) with melamine coating. Slanting 2-1/2” legs with a cross-piece made of MDF coated with melamine provide great stability and the leg levelers enable a perfectly flat playing field on uneven floors. Telescopic rods of high stress resistance machine-trued 16mm hollow steel bars are coated with anti-rust chromium-plating. The quality of the materials used add to the thickness of 2.2mm to prevent the bars from bending and maintaining a perfect shape. Bars are fixed to the cabinet by means of nylon ball bearings. Steel roller bearings inside the bearings fixing bars to the cabinet greatly improve the game speed, while reducing the stress for the players’ wrists. One-color players in plastic material (moplen) representing a stylized human figure are directly molded onto the bars; they do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly. Team colors: red and blue. Plastic handles with ergonomic grip. The laminated playfield with silk screened printed white lines on a green background. Balls are served through a filler on each side of the table. Quick and easy ball recovery through an exit behind each goal. Color coordinated abacus scorers. Includes 10 white Standard balls.

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• Sturdy cabinet made of 1in. MDF
• 2-1/2” legs with a cross-piece
• Leg levelers provide a perfectly flat playing surface
• Telescopic 16mm diameter machine-trued hollow steel bars
• Stylized human players in solid colors
• Laminated playfield with silk screened white lines
• Plastic handles with ergonomic grip
• Abacus scorers
• Includes 10 standard white balls[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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