Garlando Olympic Outdoor Foosball Table

The Garlando Olympic Outdoor Foosball Table is a commercial grade table. It uses anti-break glass perfectly sealing the playfield area to prevent tampering of the game and theft of balls while also reducing the playing noise and keeping the playing area clean.



The cabinet is constructed of 1-1/4” multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate. The upper cabinet is grey with wood veins and a black lower cabinet. The table structure is kept together by metal plates and brackets fastened by screws and bolts for easy replacing of all parts, even the wooden ones. The 4-inch square legs are coated with long-lasting silver paint. Heavy duty leg levelers provide a perfectly flat playfield on all surfaces. Equipped with telescopic safety rods. The bars are fixed to the cabinet by nylon ball bearings. Detachable playing field: two locks enable to detach the playing field from the cabinet upper part for easy cleaning and parts replacing. The cabinet can be opened to reach the inside. Its upper part is kept up by a wooden support bracket which prevents falling during maintenance and cash-box emptying: all operations can be carried out with full safety. The ball release mechanism is comprised of singularly replaceable part for easy maintenance. Color coordinated abacus scorers. Glass/bottle holders. Standard mechanical pull-lever coin mechanism, can be set for any coin or token and releases all balls at once. 10 white Standard balls supplied with the table, for increased visibility below the glass.

• Commercial grade outdoor foosball table
• 1-1/4” multi-layer plywood cabinet
• 4-inch square legs with leg levelers
• Telescopic safety rods
• 10 white standard balls and abacus scorers included[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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