Jungle Queen Pinball Machine


Jungle Queen is a classic fantasy themed late model electro-mechanical pinball machine released in 1977 by Gottlieb. The game was designed by Ed Krynski, with artwork by Gordon Morison.

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Jungle Queen Pinball Machine by Gottlieb

Jungle Queen is a classic late model electro-mechanical pinball machine released in 1977 by Gottlieb. This pinball was one of the last electro-mechanical games made by Gottlieb before they went into their solid state computer controlled games in 1978.  Only 6795 units were ever produced. A sister game, Jungle Princess, was released which is nearly identical except that it only accommodates two players rather than four players in Jungle Queen.

Jungle Queen has a number of classic features. The chimes and bells heard throughout the game are defining sounds to the electro-magnetic pinball era. This machine also has four flippers which is rare for a game of this era.
Addition Features:

Gottlieb Jungle Queen has three pop bumpers, two kickout holes, two banks of 5 drop targets, NO slingshots, two 3″ flippers, and two 2″ flippers. Dropping all of one side of the 5 drop targets lights the alternating extra ball light in the two outlanes and lights the associated side lane for 5000 points (instead of 500.) Getting the A-B-C rollovers lights the double bonus. Getting both the A-B-C rollovers and all of one side of the drop targets lights both extra ball and special.


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