Jurassic Park Pinball Machine


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Introducing the original Jurassic Park pinball machine released by Data East in 1993!

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    Jurassic Park Pinball Machine by Data East

    Data East’s Jurassic Park park pinball machine was designed after the movie of same name. Marketing slogans used to promote the machine include: “Jurassic Park, the movie event of the summer, the pinball event of the year!”, “If it’s not Jurassic Park, it’s Extinct!” and “A Pinball Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making.”

    There are 11 gameplay modes in Jurassic Park Pinball, called “Computer Screens”. They are started by shooting the right scoop, called “Control Room”, when it’s lit. These modes are stackable (i.e., one mode can be running while another mode is in progress). The Control Room is briefly lit by the right ramp or either inlane, and is permanently lit by shooting the Power Shed (the right scoop) on the upper-right side of the playfield.

    • Stampede
    • Escape Isla Nublar
    • Raptor Two-Ball: Lights the Boat Dock (saucer at the right loop) for Raptor Two-Ball multiball. Shooting the Raptor Pit collects the ball and gives 2 more.
    • Electric Fence: You have to hit the pop bumpers a certain amount of times to get Timmy off the electric fence, before he gets electrocuted.
    • Spitter Attack
    • System Boot: Shoot the Bunker, the Control Room, and the Power Shed scoops to collect a maximum of 30 million points.
    • Raptors’ Rampage
    • Mosquito Millions
    • Feed T-Rex: Shoot the T-Rex saucer to feed the “goat” (ball) to the T-Rex for 30 million points.
    • Bone Busting
    • Light Extra Ball: Extra Ball is lit at the Boat Docks.

    Completing all Computer Screen modes lights the Control Room for System Failure, a six-ball “wizard mode” where all shots on the playfield are worth 1 million points. It lasts for 45 seconds.

    Game Features:

    Multiball, Captive/Messenger Ball(s), Ramp(s), Cellar Holes, Spinner(s), Voice, More Than 2 Flippers, Playfield Mechanical Animation, Cabinet Shakes


    At Elite Home Gamerooms, we take pride in our pinball restoration process, which is why all our refurbished pinball machines come with the most competitive warranty in the business. This machine has been fully refurbished to like-new condition in both playability and appearance. To learn more about our pinball restoration process click here