Nip It Pinball Machine


Nip It is an Electro-mechanical fishing and sports themed pinball machine designed by Ted Zale (inventor of the zipper flipper) with artwork by Dick White. The game released by Bally in 1973. This was the last electromechanical pinball machine to feature Ted Zale’s zipper flippers


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Nip It Pinball Machine by Bally

Bally’s Nip It pinball machine holds its place in history as the game Fonzie frequently played at Arnold’s Diner on the American television series Happy Days. The game’s main feature is the “Balligator” mechanism, A ball-grabbing device in the upper right playfield, which is activated by a ‘Gator’ button, located next to the right flipper button, to pull the ball into a special high-scoring lane.

As the flyer illustrates, the game was initially produced using a molded alligator to jump out from under the swamp reeds to capture a nearby ball. However, the plastic alligator kept breaking on location, so this design was changed early in production to instead use a bare metal bar to grab the ball, while the swamp reeds lane plastic was redesigned to show the alligator. The game also features a two-ball multi-ball mode.

Additional Features: 2 Zipper flippers, 4 Pop bumpers, 1 Mushroom bumper, 2 Slingshots, 4 Standup targets, 2 Kick-out holes, 2 multiball, Left kicker lane, Right outlane return gate, Maximum displayed point score is 99,990 points per player.



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