Paragon Pinball Machine

Bally’s fantasy-themed Paragon Pinball Machine was released in 1979. It is remembered for it’s iconic artwork by Paul Faris, and for being the first widebody machine produced by Bally. It was also the first machine to introduce in-line drop targets.

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Bally’s fantasy-themed Paragon Pinball Machine was released in 1979 as a wide body solid-state electronic machine. It was designed by Greg Kmiec with artwork by Paul Faris. Paragon was Bally’s first widebody machine. There were only 9,120 units produced.

The game is set in Paragon, a fantasy world of filled with barbarian heroes, maidens wearing chainmail bikinis and luch landscapes. In the quest for a high score, the player must scale the Golden Cliffs, ride the Waterfall, and fight through the Valley of Demons to the Treasure Chamber beyond. Climb Paragon Tower to reach the saucer above, but beware of the Beast’s Lair, where death is but a hair’s breath away.

Paragon is noteworthy for being the first widebody (“SuperSize”) pinball table from Bally. Most pinball enthusiasts, however, remember it for its incredibly rich and intricate art throughout the game; many believe it to be the most beautiful pinball machine ever made. Fortunately, the appeal is more than skin-deep, as players enjoy the game for its fast and challenging layout.

Paragon features: 4 flippers, 4 Pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, a 4-in-line drop target, a 3-bank drop target, 3 kick-out holes, 2 standup targets, 4 star rollovers, 1 spinning target, and an upper right chicane lane which awards lit features.

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