Silver Slugger Pinball Machine

Silver Slugger was the first in Gottlieb’s series of street level games released in 1990. Only 2100 units were ever produced making this a very rare machine! Bring it home today!

Condition: Professionally Refurbished





Silver Slugger Pinball Machine by Gottlieb

Silver Slugger is a solid state baseball themed pinball machine released by Gottlieb in 1990. This was the first of the “Street Level” games, which were an experiment by Gottlieb towards designing a simpler, single level (no ramps), slightly smaller game, to economically compete with much more complex games, which had multiple levels and ramps. For those that like the late 70s early 80s style games, these games are a great addition to your collection. They have straight forward playfields and rules, but have alphanumeric displays, better light shows, better build, and multiball.

Game Features:

2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, 6 standup targets, 3 spinning targets, 2 kick-out holes, a 4-bank drop target, variety-target, Left outlane kickback. 2-ball and 3-ball multiball. Uses two 20-digit, alpha-numeric (with commas), blue Futaba displays. Also has four two-segment red LED displays to keep track of runs scored.