South Park Pinball Machine



South Park is a 1999 pinball machine based on the American adult animated sitcom of same name. It was released by Sega Pinball. This was Sega’s last pinball machine before being bought out by Stern.



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South Park Pinball by Sega

As fun and wacky as the cartoon it’s modeled after, South Park the Pinball machine is a must have for any pinball or South Park Fan.
The game features custom voices from the show, a hilarious soundtrack and tons of fun multi-ball play! All of your favorite characters from the show are represented in one fashion or another including 3D models of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Chef. An interactive toilet is also found in the upper left hand corner of the playfield.
Just make sure not to kill Kenny…


Inlanes light up and can start Super Fart Bumpers. Outlanes can be lit for special. There are three standard bumpers, the left lane is a shot through the bumpers. Targets are located on each left lane entrance side. There are also 8 townsfolk targets. Minor characters include Mr Hankey located in front of the toilet. Major characters include Chef, a large rubber Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman. There is also a Cartman hole. Scoreboard includes various character graphics and sounds.

Character modes

In total, there are five character-related missions which the individual player must complete. The main goal in South Park Pinball is to complete the Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Chef modes in order to unlock the secret wizard modes. In order to start a character mode, the player must hit each individual character’s slot (or shot) a certain number of times. After a successful completion, the number of shots it takes to activate the next character mode will increase, making it more difficult to activate. Character modes can be replayed regardless of completion.


The game’s age-appropriate content level can be adjusted between two settings: “PG-13” mode (which features mild language, bleeped-out expletives and bathroom humor), and the family-friendly “G” mode (which eliminates all profanity and bathroom humor). For example, on the former setting, Kyle will utter “you bastards” after a successful “Kill Kenny” hurry up mode, which is replaced with “Rats!” in the latter setting. The family mode will also alter the match sequence which features Terrance & Phillip belching instead of farting.