Super-Flite Pinball Machine

Super-Flite is a vintage aviation themed pinball machine released by Williams Electronics in 1974. The game was designed by Norm Clark, with artwork by Christian Marche.

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Super-Flite Pinball Machine by Williams

Super-Flite is a classic electro-mechanical pinball machine released by Williams in 1974. This model is considered extremely rare with only 1900 units ever produced!

Gameplay and Features

Super-Flite Pinball has a very simple but very entertaining game play. Amass advanced bonus and while doing so, attempt to light the sets of A, B, C or D stars for double or triple bonus. Bonus can be advanced by the upper saucer or the right rebound bumper on the upper playfield.  Bonus can also be advanced by a lower playfield left or right target as well as the center target. The upper saucer will score either 500 points, 5000 points or open the upper or lower gate. Going through the gates and back to the shooter tip also scores you 5000 points. Lighting one set of targets scores double bonus, two sets scores triple bonus as well as lights the left return lane for a free ball if you can pass through the lane when lit. Lighting all four sets of stars will light the center target for credits.

Additional features include: 2 Flippers, 3 Pop bumpers, 1 Kick-out hole, 1 Upper return ball gate, 1 Lower return ball gate.