Champion Pub Pinball Machine


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Champion Pub is a rare boxing themed pinball machine released in 1998 by Bally. Set in a 1920s pub, the object of the game is to advance through rounds by knocking out opponents to become the pub champion.

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Champion Pub Pinball Machine by Bally / Midway

Champion Pub is a rare solid state boxing themed pinball machine released by Midway in 1998. Only 1,369 confirmed units were ever produced! The object of Champion Pub Pinball is to become the champion boxer of the pub. It is designed to resemble a 1920’s pub, with dancers, beer, fighters room and all. There are total five fighters that you will have to beat and collect five jewels for your belt. Only then you will get to play the ultimate challenge. The game gives you a real fighting experience, especially with the 300 professionally scripted quotes from 11 different fighters.

Champion Pub features a punching bag that rotates 180 degrees to reveal the top half of a boxer who waves his arms up and down. A pair of ramps guide the ball to hit the figure on both sides of the face, and shooting between the ramps lands a “body blow”. Also features a mini-playfield in which the ball is launched at a speed bag by plastic fists instead of flippers, and a “jump rope” which is comprised of a rotating wire that the ball must jump over using a button-controlled solenoid.


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