Judge Dredd Pinball Machine

Judge Dredd is a four-player pinball machine produced by Bally Manufacturing in 1993, based on the British comic strip Judge Dredd.

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    Judge Dredd Pinball Machine by Bally/Midway

    Judge Dredd is a four-player solid state pinball machine produced in 1993 by Bally under the Midway label. The game is based on the British comic strip Judge Dredd from 2000. This was part of Williams/Midway’s “SuperPin” line of widebody games. It was designed by John Trudeau with artwork by Kevin O’Connor. Voice-over artist Tim Kitzrow provided the voice of Judge Dredd. 6,990 units were made.

    It’s post-nuclear 2116. Perpetrators run rampant through the city. You must keep the peace. So load up your lawgiver and hop on your lawmaster! Show the creeps who’s boss! You be the judge!


    Game Features:

    Play in either Regulation or Super Game mode. Regulation has you resolving 9 crimes around Mega-City One: Bad Impersonator, Battle Tank, Blackout, Pursuit, Meltdown, Sniper Tower, Stakeout, Safe Cracker and Manhunt Millions. Complete these challenges and Judge Death himself will congratulate you, and activate the Ultimate Challenge.

    Super Game mode sees you attending four crime scenes: Mad Bomber, Deadworld Attack, Traffic Jam, and Prison Break. Super Game uses two balls and a drain shield, and offers the opportunity for an incredible 100,000,000 point super shot, if you’re good enough!

    Judge Dredd Pinball also features a widebody playfield,  4 Flippers, 2 Autoplungers, 6-ball multiball, 3 Inline Captive Balls. a rotating planet and rings with a magnetic robotic arm. 9 modes + “Ultimate Challenge” wizard mode, SuperGame Feature (4 additional modes)


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