Playboy Pinball Machine


Introducing the original Playboy pinball machine released by Bally in 1978.

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    Playboy Pinball Machine by Bally

    Introducing the original Playboy pinball machine released by Bally in 1978. This was one of Bally’s most successful pinball machines ever made. The backglass depicts Hugh Hefner with 1976 Playmate Patti McGuire and 1977 Playmate Sondra Theodore.

    Game Features:

    Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (6), 5-bank drop targets (1), Upper left kickback lane (the Grotto).

    Special Features:

    5 Playboy Keys
: They open the door to specials, bonuses and giant Grotto scores.

    New Playmate Targets: Hit all 5 and win specials, bonus advances, extra balls, games.

    Action Drop Targets
: Key to 25,000 outlane score when all are down.

    New Playboy Grotto
: Unique kickback lane advances bonus up to 30,000 depending on the number of Keys lit.

    New Memory Super Bonus: 
Once a 20,000 bonus score is achieved, 20,000 points are recalled and added with every ball.


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