Riverboat Gambler Pinball Machine


Riverboat Gambler is a solid state casino themed pinball machine released by Williams in 1990.

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Riverboat Gambler Pinball by Williams

Cash in on Williams’ pinball sensation as Riverboat Gambler Pinball sets sail with exciting game play action that’s a sure bet for any home game room.ᅠ Only Riverboat Gambler Pinball deals out such favorite casinoᅠgames as Roulette, Blackjack,ᅠ Slots and Five Card Poker in one amazing pinball machine.ᅠᅠ Add in Williams quality reliability and design innovation and it’s no secret that Riverboat Gambler is destined for a long term winning streak of solid earnings and high resale value that no other company can match.

All the action is at the Riverboat Gambler Casino where players ante up for a chance at the dazzling array of big stakes playfield features such as spelling C-A-S-I-N-O for 2 million points!

Cᅠ   Hitting down either the ᅠF-I-V-E or C-A-R-D drop target bank spots a card and lighting allᅠfive cards gives players the chance to score a Royal Flush and 500,000 points.

Aᅠ   Scoring 21 at Blackjack collects points and chips progressively for a high scoring payout.

Sᅠ   Consecutive Winning Streak loop shots give players the opportunity to play the Slot Machine and also beginᅠ 2-ball multi-ball ᅠaction.

Iᅠᅠ   Players are in the chips andᅠ have an instant turn at the Roulette Table with the challenging Shooter Skill Shot.

Nᅠ   Round and round it goes on the Roulette Table whenever players earn at least 100 chips.ᅠ Then it’s up to Lady Luck via a special control panel forᅠ selecting red, black, green or passing on the action!

Oᅠ   Completing the C-H-I-P-S target bank awards players increased scoringᅠ values and the possibility of a Gold Star.ᅠ Three Gold Stars earn Second Chance Extra Ball play.


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