Striker Xtreme Pinball Machine

Released in 2000 by Stern, Striker Xtreme Pinball brings you their International Soccer Championship with your country in contention for the cup and you’re the team’s most valuable striker with one simple job: SCORE GOALS!

Sixteen teams have qualified for the tournament and you will need to defeat each one of them in order to celebrate victory: France, U.S.A., Spain, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, England, Brazil, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Each team becomes increasingly difficult to beat as you advance through the tournament.



Game Features:

  • There are several shots that you’re being counted on to make: corner kicks, free kicks, throw-in shots, penalty kicks, and shoot outs but the opponent’s goalie, with his belly-mounted target, will be there to stop you with each attempt
  • SKILLSHOT – Time your plunge to collect one of the displayed awards
  • MULTIPLAYER – Spell CUP to advance Bonus X
  • GOALS – Get past defenders and the goalie to collect current goal award (Big points, Beat Country, Xtreme Round)
  • PENALTY KICK – Complete 4 soccer ball targets to light side ramp and spot defender return lane for a penalty kick
  • SHOOTOUT – Shoot the left hole to spell SHOOTOUT. Then shoot either ramp shot to collect shootout hurryup award and take a free shot on goal
  • COUNTRIES – Defeat flashing country when Beat Country is lit at goal. Complete groups to earn extra awards
  • STADIUM MULTIBALL – Shoot the spinner to light locks. Shoot lit ramps to lock balls in Stadium. During multiball, all red arrows are lit for jackpots. Shoot the side ramp for super jackpot. Shooting a goal always defeats a country and relights all jackpots
  • FREE KICK – Defeating a country lights free kick on the outlanes (you get the ball back)
  • HALFTIME – Defeating the 2nd country in a group lights half time

SOCCER BALLS – Making shots, soccer ball targets, and soccer ball combos[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]