Target Alpha Pinball Machine


Target Alpha is a four-player outer space themed pinball machine released by Gottlieb in 1976. The game was designed by Ed Kynski with artwork by Gordon Morison.

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Target Alpha Pinball Machine by Gottlieb

Target Alpha features a science fiction theme complete with flying machines, laser guns and space helmets. The game features fifteen drop targets, including a massive row of ten that runs across the top of the playfield. Gottlieb also released Solar City, the same design with new art and two player operation, the same year.

Features of Target Alpha:

▪ 15 Drop Targets including the longest shot in pinball the top right drop target is further away from the bottom flippers then on any other game new or old due to the unique way the ball enters the playfield.
▪ Count up bonus at the end of every ball
▪ Specials and Extra balls Double Bonus on last ball in play
▪ Four Flipper Fun with an unusual mix of two regular 3″ flippers and two retro old school small flippers up top.


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